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Account Manager Position
This is an independent contractor position (1099)
You will be assigned to a restoration company as their virtual accounts receivable manager.
We are not a collections agency - You will manage the payment process of all unpaid accounts on behalf of the company you are assigned to.
It’s as if you worked for them in their office...​but you don’t!!
About AR Restoration
We are a company who provides a creative business solution to restoration companies in outsourcing their accounts receivables for collection to our team. We are a unique service and company who wants to partner with restoration companies to relieve them of the pressure and time spent trying to collect their owed money after they invoice and instead letting us do that for them.
Our Mission
1. Providing a service to restoration companies that increase their cash flow and solve their AR problems with a creative outsourced management team saving them money and time.
2. Providing an opportunity to stay at home moms and dads to work from home, with flexibility and earn an open ended income.
3. To use our gift from AR to be a blessing to orphans and homeless in our community and around the world.
Our Values
1. Faith based leadership and community- sharing our faith through our relationships with our clients and homeowners.
2. Respect for one another, homeowners, clients
3. Honesty with one another and our clients at all times and at all cost.
4. Ethical work with one another and our clients at all times and at all cost.
5. Care - treat others with gentleness and a servants spirit.
6. Kindness - treat others how you want to be treated and how Christ example.
Position Compensation
PAY: This is an independent contractor position filing a 1099
You are paid 1% of all collections that you make.
Come in with the mindset that you have to build up to making money just like you would in starting a new business of any kind. It will not be consistent pay it all depends on how much you work and bring in. Our account managers on average make between $300-600 each month. Working less than 10 hours a week. However they have had months making $1000-$2500.
Introduction Video
Check out our introduction video to share more.
How to apply
After reveiwing the details of the position. If you are interested in applying Email your resume to Brittney. to set up a phone interview.
Initial Paperwork
You will submit a w-9, workers compensation form, and send a picture of a voided check to Brittney once you are hired. Download those from the bottom of this page.
Training \ Work Schedule
TRAINING: You will be given training to learn the systems and software needed to manage your accounts.
SCHEDULE: You set your office hours and find a rhythm that works for you.
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Initial Paperwork Download: