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We put God first. We value and offer a faith based leadership and community.
AR Restoration has over 15 years of experience in the restoration and insurance industry.
Our team is highly educated and trained to serve your company. They work very hard and will always represent your company and ours in a manner that is professional and ethical.
Our team will show respect for one another, your company, homeowners, and adjusters at all times.
Our team will be honest with you, our company, homeowners, and adjustors at all times no matter the cost.
You can trust that our team will work ethically on your behalf and ours. We want it to be fair for both sides working together.
We will always put the care of your company and homeowners as a top priority to be helpful, kind and a positive representation of your business.
Our team is comprised of stay at home parents who are well educated but need an opportunity that allows them to stay home yet still provide for their family. AR provides that flexibility and income for them. You will love working with them.
We use our gifts from AR to provide for the orphans and homeless in our community and around the world. We currently provide schooling, medical care, food, and clothing for a sweet girl in the DR.
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