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We are your solution

Our company will outsource a trained and dedicated accounts receivable manager to your company to manage and collect all your unpaid accounts.


Here is what you can expect from us: 


  • AR Restoration will assign an account manager to partner with your company and handle all of your accounts receivable collecting needs. 


  • All account managers, are staffed by AR Restoration, to manage the process of payment after a job is invoiced from your company. All account managers within AR Restoration will follow the same guidelines and principles we outline as appropriate for quality and assurance that all of your accounts within your systems will be handled ethically and correctly. 


  • AR Restoration will be making calls, emails, and sending letters on any unpaid account consistently and frequently for maximum results. 


  • On average accounts managed weekly/every 5 days until the account is finalized for payment or closed. 


  • AR Restoration, with your consent, will contact adjusters, agents, project managers, mortgage companies and homeowners, etc. to track down the money, make sure all final documentation is received and manage the account until it is paid. 


  • AR will notify your company of any disputes on an account. Your company is important to us so we will always communicate if a homeowner is not happy and give you the opportunity to follow up in these cases to ensure appropriate customer service is met. 


  • AR will work directly in your system/software, provided a company log in, to record all calls and notes for each claim in your CRM, providing transparency and up to date communications.  


  • AR Restoration will provide a weekly summary to your company detailing all collections efforts. 


  • AR  will use the information provided in your systems/software in assisting to collect the debt owed as quickly as possible. 


  • AR Restoration will invoice every 2 weeks our collections fees of total amount collected and admin fee. 


  • AR will abide by the FCPA laws in ethically calling on a debt owed to your company. 


  • We offer a consultation partnership and staff trainings for your company. If you find you have the staff to effectively collect your AR but your systems are currently not effective. We have a consultation partnership that we can offer. Ask us about this and we would love to share more. 

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